domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

"GIRL GRAZY", 20 Northern Soul tracks by Female Artists.


"One of the more nebulous and vague areas of music collectability is that of the girl group sound. It crosses boundaries of race and is often best expressed by aficionados in terms of a naivety and coyness that are essentially at cross purposes with soul music per se. 'Girl Crazy" only partly embraces these factors because this compilation is primarily about Northern Soul albeit that performed by girl groups and/or the less abrasive and 'sexier' solo vocalists. It's a worthy angle and as we hurtle towards our second century of releases I am reminded that twice before we have attempted the formula in the shape of 'Ultimate Girl Groups' and 'Way With The Girls' (both now long-deleted). So lots of finger clickin´ and pussy lickin´ lets go 'Girl Crazy'."
(Tim Brown, November 2005)

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