miércoles, 30 de diciembre de 2009


"I’m very keen for the slight playfulness and irreverence to come through in the music. I get annoyed at the overly serious nature of a lot of dance music, the way the artwork and everything has to be quite carefully considered to be “cool” – all dark, foreboding artwork and serious, abstract names for tracks, it seems like showing off, really. To wanted to do something a little more playful. Because these songs are instrumental dance music, the titles are actually quite arbitrary. It was a reaction to the packaging of a lot of modern dance music – I didn’t feel that need to elevate it. Music can be playful."
(Joe Goddard - dummymag.com)

Artista: Joe Goddard

Título: Harvest Festival

Techno/Dance Music

-Lista Temas-

1.- Apple Bobbing

2.- Tinned Apricot

3.- Pear Shaped
4.- Strawberry Jam

5.- Go Bananas
6.- Half Time Oranges
7.- Lemon And Lime (Home Time)

8.- Tropical Punch 6
9.- Sour Grapes
10.- Pineapple Chunk
11.- Mango Chutney

12.- Coconut Shy

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