miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2009


Artista: Department Of Eagles
País: USA (NY - Brooklyn)
Título Album: In Ear Park
Año: 2008
Género: Folk/Indie/Experimental

-Lista Temas-

1.- In Ear Park
2.- No One Does It Like You
3.- Phantom Other
4.- Teenagers
5.- Around The Bay
6.- Herringbone
7.- Classical Records
8.- Therapy Car Noise
9.- Floating On The Lehigh
10.- Balmy Night

No One Does It Like You...

"No One Does It Like You makes us yearn for summer, or at least a warmer springtime. The way the echo thumps reminds us of concerts at a county fair band shell, and the golden harmonies make us think of 60s California" (pitchforkmedia.com)

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